Wendy facing the Motion Controlled Beast

Beauty meets the Motion Controlled Beast on the set of Peter Pan.  Rachel Hurd Wood  is safely and statically suspended from wires while Mike Kelly operates a motion controlled, robotic boom camera which moves relative to her to create motion.  When Wendy's image is superimposed over a separately filmed background of the nursery, she seems to be (perilously) flying about the room!  But in fact all the apparent motion was created by the camera alone.

The boys get the same treatment while a camera operator controls the motorized camera pan and tilt with wheeled joysticks that mimic traditional manual controls.  The screen at the extreme left shows the main menu for my Kuper software.  It allows various combinations of record and playback on the many motorized axes, and also controls parameters such as how the joysticks feel to the cameraman.  The software will remember the camera motion data created on the set so it can be later reproduced by other motion control rigs and computer graphic systems.

The boys against a blue screen for a flying scene

Motion controlled boom camera working on a model set outside the Darling residence.

Thanks to Mike Kelly for these photos.